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Hello and Welcome to our website, lydesign.ca, where we will provide you with information about our company and showcase our Home Staging and Home Redesign Services.

Home StagingIf you are considering staging your home before listing it on the market, you are making the right decision and have landed on the right place. Yes, we can help you go through the whole process and help you sell your house in less time and ensure you receive the full value.

There is a reason why home owners and real estate agents alike are turning to Home Staging professionals.  Homes that have been professionally staged sell faster and deliver an average of 2-6% over the listing price. It is a powerful and effective marketing tool to sell your house faster with the highest possible price.

It has long been known that emotions determine most of the decisions that people make. Home staging can make a dramatic transformation, creating a warm comfortable feeling eliciting a positive emotional response from potential buyers viewing your home.

It’s a very simple concept, but what you may not realize is that your house needs to seize the buyer’s emotion immediately when they step into your door and hold that feeling throughout their visit.

The arrangement of furniture and accessories to make the best use of space in a comforting way, fresh paint in neutral colours to appeal to the widest audience, finishing necessary repairs, organizing and de-cluttering, renting appropriate furniture and accessories, and other simple measures will all combine to show the best features of your property.

In order to achieve that goal, you may not know how and where to start, and most importantly, how to do it properly. That is when you can use the services of a home staging professional, and that’s where we come in. We can help you. We are a certified home stager by the Canadian Staging Professionals™ (CSP). We can work with you or do everything for you, it’s your choice! In a competitive market, making your house stand out from the rest of the competition is the key is to a successful deal.

We serve the Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

If you have any specific requirements, or if you have any questions related to home staging, please do not hesitate to contact us. We regularly update this site so please bookmark it and come back often.

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"I had the privilege to list and sell Li Yan's house. As a certified home stager myself, it was a thrill to see the house all ready to list and sell! Li Yan was able to edit and stage her own home, which is one of the most difficult scenarios to accomplish! The house sold higher than average price in the area. She is creative, calm and open minded to accommodate many scenarios that come..." Read more...

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